Comp in Music Ed – Original composition process diary – Part 1 : Setting the tone

Here we are, a 2015 music 1 graduate (yours truly) wrestling his way through attempting to compose in the style of music 2 (the “style” of music 2??…) – the LEVEL of music 2 sounds better. Today I managed to set the tone and direction I want to take by completing section A, a mournful 8 bar soundscape that will create a nice intro to more intense creative ideas. 

Have a listen and read here :

Now, this is a 20 second intro to what will be a maximum 2 minute piece, under typical HSC music 2 guidelines. Furthermore, the bulk of the piece also needs to reflect 2 things, first is the model piece I chose to base some learning resources around for a prior assessment, and second it needs to reflect those resources/activities themselves. My upcoming task is therefore to revisit my resources for the “baby steps” composition resources I created. Have a listen to my model work “Hectic Jacaranda” here :

There’s a lot to unpack there, thankfully I’ve already got my own analysis and learning resources to revisit for further creative inspiration. However, one clear link to it already is the fact that the piece I am writing is for three instruments which are violin, clarinet Bb and piano, just as “Hectic Jacaranda” is – classical guitar, pipa and electronic backing track. The guitar and pipa provide a lead melodic duel while the electronic backing provides a high pitched drone that fades in and out. I propose to use the piano in my piece as the accompaniment and have the clarinet duel with the violin. Let’s see how that plays out in a future update.

Lastly, here are some tracks I’ve been into recently that reflect the atmosphere I’d like to achieve. While “Hectic Jacaranda” has it’s own, let’s say, minimalist and.. ‘futurist’?.. quality, there is a more organic and emotional vibe I’d love to achieve with my piece. Anyway, here they are :

(For those not acquainted with the world of death metal, visit Christos Antoniou’s website, guitarist/songwriter/composer/orchestrator for globally popular Greek death metal veterans Septic Flesh (mentioned above) among other projects :


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