Music 2 Resource Kit – Musicology – Impacts of Co-vid 19 on music making and the use of technology in music making

Musicology Activity – Co-vid music making and use of technology in music

Resources :

  • Student or classroom computers
  • GarageBand or other DAW
  • Video editing software
  • Instruments available to students or in class
  • Video example of audio/video project in the spirit of Co-vid 19 music making


  1. Students will create a digital recording and a video play through in a pair
  2. Video projects are to ideally have a split screen effect with two separate videos, with each partner playing their instrument part
  3. Audio recordings should be created together along to a click track
  4. An example video/audio project is provided in resources


  • Students may wish to perform a cover of one of the group member’s one minute composition from the activity completed earlier (melody style/contour activity) or perhaps a cover version of part of “Hectic Jacaranda” learnt from the class arrangement earlier.
  • No minimum or maximum limit is given for the time of the recording and video, although students are encouraged to aim for at least one minute of music in the recording and video project.

Background to this activity from Damien Ricketson himself

Source :

  • “Books will be written about the creative ways in which musicians responded to the coronavirus pandemic that has thus far muted live music through much of 2020. The life blood of the performing arts was abruptly severed by the shutdown, but musicians have proven themselves inventive, resourceful and anything but silen
  • “With artists and audiences stuck in their homes during extended lockdowns, all have had to overcome their constricted physical presence by expanding their digital presence.”
  • “’Hectic Resonance’ is my own small creative response to social distancing… One of my varied responses to the theme was using spatially separated musicians… the concept can be taken further in the online domain to include musicians who aren’t even in the same room”
  • “In order to perform the work, the musicians need to entrain to a click track (or a video score) rather than the physicality of performing in close proximity. Just as our everyday social interactions went online, the musicians in these works are on their own but their sense of connectedness is mediated via technology.”

Part 2 : Research activity on music making during Co-vid 19

  1. In your pair, find 2 examples of musicians who successfully found alternative methods of making music through the height of the co-vid 19 pandemic, and the impossibility of live performances in front of an audience along with in person rehearsals with other musicians.
  2. Provide an example such as a youtube clip or otherwise of each
  3. Present a brief presentation to your class which addresses the following (no min or max time, treat as a brief presentation and discussion with class) :
  • An introduction to the musical artist, composer or group
  • Some context on their creative work and typical music making activity
  • Describe how they navigated the impacts co-vid stopping in person performances, rehearsals, live audience interaction and any other associated musical activity.
  • How has technology played a role in this new form of their creative activity?

Some starting points and examples for music making during Co-vid 19


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