Comp in Music Ed – Original composition complete

Hi there, the final composition is finished. Instead of the name “comp draft”, it is now called : Mournful Molasses. Mournful because that is mainly the tone I set out to create in the work, and molasses because it’s an ingredient in my recipe for homemade bbq sauce I use when slow cooking pork ribs. St Louis style is the one to go for. Back to the topic at hand. The title is also roughly inspired by my model work “Hectic Jacaranda” by Damien Ricketson. The first word arguably describing the tone of the work, the second being a botanical or similar name chosen by the musicians involved (according to Damien’s work). Molasses isn’t botanical is it?

Listen to and read along with the final work here.

I have decided that the prior series of blog posts does enough justice in terms of analysis and relevance to the model work “Hectic Jacaranda” I took inspiration from, and the baby steps teaching resources I created (thanks for the epic mark on those Caitlin!).

This task, in combination with recent studies in our “Senior secondary music ed” class, has given me the confidence to… at least begin the process of teaching some music 2… although I have much to learn.

The raw melodies and textural ideas I created will make a great addition to my mental luggage of musical ideas waiting to be used for a song or a project here and there. Personally my musical identity is still in the world of hard rock and metal as a guitarist and songwriter, so who knows what could become of these ideas.


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