Music 2 Resource Kit – Composition Activity 1 – Rhythm templates and melody match maker

Musical References from “Hectic Jacaranda” : cells 4a, 11a, 14a, 21a

Resources :

  • “Rhythm template” graphics
  • Instruments available in class/brought in for students to use


  1. As a class, revise 12/8 time signature feel. Begin by briefly discussing the top and bottom number, discuss the groupings of notes

2. As a class, stomp the 4 strong beats, and clap the groups of 3 quavers to revise the sound and accent groupings of 12/8 time signature.

3. As a class, assign half students to instrument 1 and half to instrument 2. Each group will choose a different body percussion sound and each rhythm used for the activity (refer to resources) will be performed in body percussion only.

4. Teacher to provide the rhythm template graphics, either printed or on screen – work with each graphic one at a time as class. Teacher also to designate half the students as “instrument 1” players, half the students as “instrument 2” players.

5. Begin with the class all working on cell 4a rhythm template. Students will take the rhythm of either the instrument 1 or 2 part, depending on which they were designated to, and compose a melody to fit the rhythm of their part. Several minutes given for students to compose a melody to their rhythm.

6. Once all students have a melody, instrument 1 and 2 players will begin to interact by moving around the room (or this can be done as a class and listening one by one etc if movement with instruments is difficult), with instrument 1 and instrument 2 players playing their melodies together and choosing a partner based on how they like the sound of the two melodies when played together. Students encouraged to explore all options available from each student in the class from opposite group.

7. Each pair of students that is formed will include an instrument 1 player and instrument 2 player. Groups will be given time to practice playing their parts together in the 12/8 time signature of the rhythm templates, and the 12/8 feel revised practically at the start of activity. Pairs of students are also required to analyse the music they have just created.

8. Each pair of instrument 1 and 2 players will perform their melody for their class and provide some brief musical analytical thoughts on the music created by joining these two parts together.

9. Repeat process from step 4 for the other rhythm template graphics


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